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Institute of Management

Institute of Management

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Never before have we ever experienced a global shift in the way we learn, teach, observe, behave, guide, in a nutshell – the way we live.

The seamless and swift shift has opened the industry, the institutes and the individuals to new set of challenges and opportunities. Teaching has become remote, learning has turned online while, dramatically accelerating trends that would have taken much longer to become integral in our lives.

As a firm believer of agile philosophy and consistent upskilling, we at MET are consciously committed to bridge and match the expectations of the industry as well as students.

With intense digital migration and adoption of automation, businesses are engaging in fluid innovative practices emerging out of the need of the hour. A recent Mckinsey report’s sector analysis indicates potential for incremental productivity growth of roughly one percentage point per year through 2024.

As more and more companies are embracing technology and operational innovation, we, as facilitators between the job creators and job seekers, need to equip our students with the skills that are far different from the past needs.

Hence, MET is moving fastly and boldly into the era of revamping learning tools, forging global collaborations, introducing future centric courses, with speed and flexibility becoming our second nature.

Our MBA programs are ready to become the playbook of the corporate world in the post pandemic scenario. We have quickly consolidated the foundation of management courses by adding the imperatives of data analytics, blockchain technology, lean and agile frameworks along-with workforce resilience and retention.

The global markets expect us to prepare future leaders who trust technology and teamwork equally.

The students expect us to match them up with the best employers. At MET, we are excited to march into the new normal of business which will change the course of higher management education.

What we need to focus now on are the jobs that have not yet been imagined. Hence, we are committed to build the next generation team of managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, analysts, researchers, strategists and executives who are a blend of digital and emotional quotients, data science and human behaviour, forecasting and historical anecdotes.

Our strong alumni base coupled with learned faculty team is cohesively working to make the students future ready. Our innovation council and incubator cell have been carving the start-up enthusiasts out of dreamers.

Let us march together towards a new dawn which is challenging yet exciting, risky yet rewarding, and arduous yet inspiring.

Dr. Swati Lodha
MET Institute of Management