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MET Institute of Management (MET IOM) maintains robust engagement with its alumni through various avenues. The Alumni Association serves as a vital link, fostering connections and facilitating networking among graduates. The Board of Governors (BOG) and Advisory Board provide strategic direction, ensuring alumni involvement in institutional growth. The Centre of Excellence offers opportunities for collaboration on research and industry projects. An Alumni Portal and Newsletter keep Alumni updated on institute developments.

Regular Guest Sessions are conducted by our alumni to share their insights and experiences, enriching current students' learning. The institute promotes mentoring and pre-placement sessions, enabling students to gain from alumni's career wisdom.

Summer internships and final-year Viva Voce assessments offer chances for students to receive real-world guidance from alumni. Alumni play a pivotal role in assisting with placements and internships, enhancing employment prospects.

Workshops for alumni further their professional growth and keep them connected with evolving industry trends. This comprehensive approach highlights MET IOM's dedication to nurturing a vibrant and enduring alumni community, fostering mutual growth and development.

Sr. No MDP Topics Participants Details Date Conducted By
1 Teaching Today, Building Tomorrow MRV – Employees Leadership 1 st June 2023 Dr. Swati Lodha
2 Using Tableau to get insights for Marketing, Sales and Business Strategy 82E Organisation Employees Marketing & Business Strategy 12 th May 2023 Dr. Manmeet Barve
3 Diversity Equity & inclusiveness DEI - Students faculty and staff of Bbay Pharmacy College - Kalina HR Outreach 8th March 2023 Dr. Farida Virani
4 Academic Leadership & People Mgt Amity University - New Mumbai - Faculty and Staff HR Outreach Feb 1st 2023 Dr. Farida Virani
5 Continuous Professional Development CPD Online International professionals from USA Alternate Dispute Resolution ADR Batch 5 18th -19th Sep 2022 Dr. Farida Virani
6 Mediation Skills Training - MST - International Training Online International participants - Asian Countries Alternate Dispute Resolution ADR Batch 3 - 24th - 27th Oct 2020 Dr. Farida Virani
7 Mediation Skills Training - MST - International Training Online program for International professionals Alternate Dispute Resolution ADR Batch 2 - 18th - 21st Sep 2020 Dr. Farida Virani
8 Mediation Skills Training - MST - International Training Online for International participants Alternate Dispute Resolution ADR Batch 1 - 11th -14th Sep 2020 Batch 1 - 11th -14th Sep 2020
9 Master Trainer, Mediation Training International Conciliation and Arbitration Board (ICAB) in USA – Atlanta Alternate Dispute Resolution ADR 17th - 26th Sep 2019 Dr. Farida Virani
10 Working with Emotional Intelligence Post Graduate students in Media and Communication at Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies (DGMC) HR Outreach 21st & 23rd Jan 2019. Dr. Farida Virani
11 Gender Sensitization and Awareness of Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act of 2013’ Bombay College of Pharmacy Kalina HR Outreach 22nd March 2019 Dr. Farida Virani

MET IOM's faculty members, with their extensive expertise and diverse backgrounds, collaborate closely with various industries to address contemporary business issues. These consulting projects encompass a wide range of areas such as strategy formulation, process optimization, market analysis, technology integration, and more. By delving into these projects, faculty members not only contribute their academic knowledge but also gain valuable exposure to current industry trends.

Sr.No. Project Title Funding Agency Faculty Consulting Period
1 Professional Development for School Teachers DAV School, Siliguri Dr. Swati Lodha 2 days
2 Yield Calculator Smest Capital Mr. Sandesh Akre 90 days
Mr. Akhil Shetty
3 Business Acumen NMIMS School of Design Dr. Manmeet S Barve 5 days
4 Digital Strategy and Hands on training Penram Publication Dr. Manmeet S Barve 60 days
Dr. Sana Khan
5 The Creators Bootcamp M.AD (Miami Ad School) & Regalix Inc M.AD (Miami AD School) Dr. Swati Lodha 3 days
Dr. Manmeet S Barve
6 Workshop for Python & Its use in Finance Training IES Mr. Sandesh Akre 2 days
Mr. Akhil Shetty
7 Amaro Foods - Prof. Rai Patnaik 4 Months
Prof. Sandesh Akre
8 International Conciliation & Arbitration Board Agakhan Foundation Dr. Farida Virani 1 year
9 Earth Tatva CSRN Dr. Manmeet Barve 5 months
10 Atypical Advantage CSRN Dr. Sana Khan 2 months
11 Cello Project Cello Dr. Manmeet Barve 3 months
12 International Conciliation & Arbitration Board Agakhan Foundation Dr. Farida Virani 1 year
13 Pharma Product Development MORSEF Dr. Rajiv Gupte 11 months
14 Marketing Management CIBIOM Dr. Rajiv Gupte 3 months
15 International Conciliation 7 Arbitration Board Agakhan Foundation Dr. Farida Virani 1 year

Faculty Consulting Projects