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Institute of Mass Media

Institute of Mass Media

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) - Journalism and Public Relations

Journalism Courses in Mumbai

Digital technology has changed the way Journalism is practiced, even though the core function of investigation and reporting remains the same. At the same time, the Public Relations profession has come to its own, creating newer job opportunities. In the media world today, we have seen many Journalists and PR professionals interchanging their professions. This unique combined program explores the symbiotic relationship between both the professions, and helps students benefit from both the disciplines. The program is designed to give the media aspirants a thorough understanding of the principles and concepts, at the same time giving them a hands on training and exposing them to the real time business through live projects and internship opportunities during the program.. This fusion of disciplines gives an extra edge to the students, giving them an advantage, increasing their employability in the media world. This program is taught by PR professionals and working Journalists, training the students with the latest trends, multimedia and digital skills, and functionalities of the professions. This program is apt for both media and non-media graduates aspiring to for a career in the mass media profession. To mass media students this is an excellent program in Journalism and Public Relations to explore and develop their skill sets and then give it a finishing touch, adding on to the theoretical knowledge they have gained during their graduation, thus getting them ready for their upcoming professional journey.

Programme Overview

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) is a three pronged certficate programme; each certificate duration being four to five months, which includes training and practical work and imbibed with an internship

ADMM - Journalism and Public Relations

  • Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media (CIMM)
  • Diploma in Mass Media (DMM) – Journalism & Public Relations
  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) – Journalism & Public Relations

Programme Highlights

  • Function driven pedagogy
  • IMC (Media Convergence Approach)
  • Lectures, Classroom Discussions & Role Plays
  • News Bulletins, Press Releases, PR Photo-shoots
  • Live Projects & Portfolios
  • Functional Visits, Assignments, Case Studies, Presentations & Evaluation 37

CIMM gives a foundation of mass media as a business. This certificate is based on the convergence approach and therefore relevant across the streams

  • Certificate I

    • Certficate Name : Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media (CIMM):
      • Communication Concepts
      • Overview to Indian Media Business
      • Contemporary Marketing and Management
      • Writing for Media
      • Business Communication and Presentation Techniques
    • Practical Sessions:
      • Essentials of Graphic Designing
      • Understanding Camera & Studio Sensitization
      • Video Editing Skills
      • Sound Recording & Editing Orientations
    • Short Modules:
      • Basics of Media Research
      • Consumer Insights & Media Vehicles
      • Design Thinking Foundations
      • Principles of Digital Marketing
    • Certificate II

    • Certificate Name: Diploma in Mass Media - Journalism & PR (DMM):
      • Integrated Brand Management
      • Event Management
      • Advanced Journalistic Writing Skills
      • PR Agency Management & Campaign Planning
      • Media Laws & IPR
    • PR Utility Module:
      • Press Skills & Press Releases
      • Blogging & ROI
      • Press Kits & Dockets
      • Press Conferences
    • News Media Production:
      • Print Media
      • Broadcast Media (TV & Radio)
      • Online & Mobile Media
    • Genres & Beats:
      • Health, Fitness and Education
      • Sports Beat
      • Food & Travel
      • Entertainment, Lifestyle & Fashion
    • Short Modules - I:
      • Media Economics
      • Digital PR & Online Reputation Management
      • Influencer Marketing
      • Talent Management & Talent PR
    • Certificate III

    • Certificate Name: Advanced Diploma in Mass Media - Journalism & PR (ADMM):
      • Corporate Communications
      • Conflict & Crisis Communication
      • Integrated Marketing Communications
      • Business & Financial Journalism
      • Political & Investigative Journalism
      • Portfolio & Show Reel Presentation
    • Genres & Beats:
      • Developmental & Metropolitan Journalism
      • Public Sector PR
      • Science, Technology & Environment
      • Photo Journalism
      • Social & Rural Beat
      • Crime & Court Journalism
    • Short Modules & Workshops:
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Fashion, Luxury, Retail & Services Marketing
      • Entrepreneurship Skills
      • Corporate Social Responsibility