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Institute of Mass Media

Institute of Mass Media

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) - Entertainment

MBA in Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment sector keeps growing and a rate of more than 13% annually, reaching revenues of more than 2 lakh crores in India. With mobile based entertainment platforms, it is bound to grow even faster and this is the right time to join the industry. At MET IMM, the approach to learning media is based on practical media management, understanding the requirements of organisations in the industry (Television, Films, Radio, Digital, Marketing, Events, PR & Talent Management) for candidates at the entry level. This mass media course is designed to provide graduates with the necessary understanding of skills and knowledge sets required in these fast-changing industries. With this course, PG students of mass media learn to think beyond the classroom learning that they acquired during their graduation in media and entertainment. The objective is to train the students to create sellable content and market it. The objective is NOT to make them technicians, but to help them understand the technology of this sector so that they can apply this in functional sense.

There is perhaps no industry today that depends as much on innovation and new ideas as the Entertainment industry. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that though the Entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing, it is one of the most fragmented ones in India today; development is mostly 'seat-of-the-pants' stuff, and people are thrown in it to either sink or swim. However, the realisation is growing quite fast that the proliferation in this sector, and the insatiable demand of consumers for 'entertainment' has raised the stakes of success and failure significantly, so that anyone or any company that is better equipped and organized to meet the enormous demand for entertainment products and services will have an immediate advantage. As in most sectors, technology plays an important role, but technical ability or sophistication is no guarantee of success; what is becoming more and more critical is the business aspect, meaning having people with the understanding of technology and consumers, combined with vision, to chart new courses for the industry. Making these students immediately productive in the most practical sense is the cornerstone of the structure of this course.

Programme Overview

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) is a three pronged certficate programme; each certificate duration being four to five months, which includes training and practical work and imbibed with a three month internship.

ADMM – Entertainment:

  • Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media ( CIMM)
  • Diploma in Mass Media (DMM) – Entertainment
  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) – Entertainment

Program Highlights

  • Business & Function driven pedagogy
  • Media Convergence Approach (IMC)
  • Lectures, Classroom discussions & Role Pays
  • Exposure to Google Certification & Email Marketing
  • Live Projects & Showreels
  • Audio Visual Content
  • Functional Visits, Assignments, Case studies, Presentations & Evaluation
  • Certificate I

    • Certficate Name : Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media (CIMM):
      • Communication Concepts
      • Media Economics
      • Understanding the Indian Media Business
      • Contemporary Management and Marketing
      • Writing for Media
      • Business Communication and Presentation Techniques
      • Content Analysis
    • Practical Sessions
      • Understanding Camera & Studio Sensitization
      • Video Editing Skills
      • Sound Designing
      • Graphic Designing
    • Short Modules
      • Film Appreciation & Analysis
      • Basics of Media Research
  • Certificate II

    • Certificate Name: Diploma in Mass Media - Entertainment (DMM):
      • Brand Management
      • Consumer Behaviour
      • Public Relations & Talent Management
      • Film Production Techniques
      • Film Marketing & Distribution
      • Media Planning & Buying
      • Television Production & Programming
      • Television Marketing & On Air Promotions
    • Short Modules
      • Media Laws & IPR
      • Understanding VFX
    • Workshops
      • Cinematography & Lighting Workshop
      • Multicam Workshop
  • Certificate III

    • Certificate Name: Advanced Diploma in Mass Media - Entertainment (ADMM):
      • Budgeting
      • Event Management
      • Radio Programming
      • Digital Marketing
      • Integrated Marketing Communications
      • Branded Content & Integrations
    • Short Modules
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Enterpreneurship Skills
      • Understanding Rural Marketing
      • Influencer & Affiliate Marketing