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PGDM at MET Institute of PGDM

PGDM at MET Institute of PGDM

PGDM at MET Institute of PGDM

The last three years have made us go through ups and down due to the covid pandemic. Finally, we are virtually on the verge of exiting from it. The covid has made all of us relook at how we live our lives. MET Institute of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) reviewed the changing dynamics of life and the economy. The said review called for redesigning and restructuring of the PGDM programme at MET Institute in line with the New Education Policy 2020 of Govt. of India.

The PGDM programme at MET Institute of PGDM is a two years full-time programme consisting of 41 Courses (subjects) spread over six trimesters. The MET PGDM programme offers two specializations, one in traditional functional areas of Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, and Systems and an add-on specialization in FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare Management, Start-Up & New Enterprise Management, and so on. This is in line with the NEP 2020 policy of offering major and minor electives.

MET PGDM programme is reviewed at a regular frequency and contemporary industry-relevant subjects like Forensic Audit & Fraud Investigations, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Marketing of High Technology Products, etc are taught.

The pedagogy adopted in MET PGDM is the most contemporary. Experiential learning is imparted to students by offering an opportunity to the students to work on Live Projects under the guidance and supervision of eminent faculty of MET Institutes.

In addition to the conventional time-tested lecture method, the pedagogical approaches at MET PGDM programmes include Case Based Learning, Simulation Games, Guest Lecture Series, etc.

The student also has to do a Summer Internship of 6 to 8 weeks duration equivalent to one course of 6 credits and a dissertation thesis of a Capstone Project Work equivalent to 2 courses (8 Credits) commencing in trimester 3 and culminating in trimester 6. To incorporate a research mindset amongst the students, MET PGDM encourages students to publish their dissertation working papers either independently or jointly with faculty mentors.

MET PGDM does not just prepare students to become excellent managers but also a visionary who can mold the future of the business, economy, and society. Leadership Building through student clubs, Business Thought Leadership series, and Internships with NGOs make students of MET PGDM to be responsive to societal issues and assist students in developing business models that incorporate concern for People and Planet.

MET PGDM programme incorporates Indian Knowledge Systems into its curriculum as prescribed by NEP 2020. The students are given insights into various perspectives of management and leadership theories as embedded in ancient Indian scriptures but not limited to Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Smritis, etc, epics such as Bhagwat Gita, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Arthshashtra by Chanakya, etc and other philosophical and denominational texts that cover the physical and metaphysical aspects of life.

The role of technology cannot be undermined, especially post covid. Many businesses and organizations are being managed these days virtually with no physical offices. Virtual Office is an interactive software product that fills the gap between working remotely and feeling like you’re still part of a physical office. Taking a cue from this MET PGDM has incorporated Virtual Learning as one of the learning methods. Besides Swayam & MOOC platform on offer mandated by UGC/AICTE, MET has also partnered with AWS and Oracle Academy to offer a virtual learning platform to the students wherein they can explore and supplement their knowledge of new age areas such as AI ML, Analytics, etc which are part of the curriculum of MET PGDM.

These virtual learning and certifications are part of the MET PGDM programme in the form of an Independent Study Course (ISC) of 8 credits. Under ISC students are required to attend workshops/seminars/conferences/competitions etc for a total of 40 hours (4 Credits) minimum, of which 20 hours should be external to the institute and 20 hours in workshops etc organised by the MET Institute . MET students are part of the organising team for the events hosted by MET which exposes students to the nuances of management.

In addition to participating in workshops/seminars/competitions, etc students are also required to acquire various certification qualifications of their choice such as NISM, NSE, etc for a total of 40 hours (4 Credits) minimum. ISC is unique to MET PGDM, which acknowledges the students' learning outside of the MET PGDM programme, considering them as credit courses of MET PGDM.

The faculty at MET Institute of PGDM is drawn from reputed industries and academia with a blend of full-time and visiting faculty from industries including new age industries such as FinTech, EdTech, etc. The faculty team of the MET PGDM programme assists students in not only building a robust career but also assist students in achieving a higher purpose in life. MET Institute of PGDM strongly believes in the holistic development of the students, transforming them into excellent Managers, Leaders, and Visionary with a sense of caring for society and the environment.

CA Dr. Das Shyamsundar
Director ,
MET Institue of PGDM

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